Course Details


NQF Level : 2 (Credits : 4)

Minimum 4 People

AIM : At the conclusion of this course you the Fire Fighter should be able to have sufficient knowledge to assess a situation, remaining as calm as possible, identifying possible dangers and priorities and provide immediate and appropriate action for the situation

Fire Behaviour and Terminology

Sources of Energy

Causes of Fire

Chemistry of Combustion

Fire Triangle/Tetrahedron

Ignition Theory

Fire Extinguishing Theory

Burning Process

Factors which Affect Choice of Extinguishing

Extinguishing Methods

Using a First Aid Hose Reel

Delivery Hoses

Hose Drills (H. Drills)


Monthly Equipment Check List

Practical drills and Assessment

All the necessary Hoses and Couplings are to be available on the second day of training to complete the practical portion of the training

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