About Us

VAST offers industry leading services in the categories of Training and Consulting. VAST prides itself on being responsive to your specific needs and can tailor its services to meet your requirements.

Accredited Facilitators

Online Classes

International Certificate

Practical Training


Accredited Facilitators

We have the best facilitators leading your training and eduction.

Online Portal

Our online portal insures secure access to your course contents while ensuring remote access.

Practical Training

Our trainers offer practical training packages to ensure your pass your certifications.

Study Material

We provide tailored course study material while keeping it simple and informative.


VAST, prides itself on providing the best possible services to our clients; we also realize and help identify each client’s individual needs and requirements. At VAST our primary objective of our training is to ensure that the knowledge acquired is applied and delivered successfully, adding real value and making a visible difference to work performance in the business environment. In this way you will meet business needs and build a healthy work environment.

Our Vision

To become the most efficient and reliable Training and Risk Management Company, which will employ people that are committed to making a difference and enhancing the future of our clients by conducting themselves in a professional and ethical manner at all time. We view ourselves as equal partners with our clients, our employees, our suppliers and our respective communities.


To ensure that professional, quality and relevant training is provided to our clients thereby reducing Risk and creating a safe, healthy work environment for all employees. Various Aligned Safety and Training Solutions, will strive to:

•Retain our status as a fully accredited training provider with the Services TETA.

•Quality assures current relevance of our program scope of accreditation and extends to align to market trends.

•Build a professional reputation with delegates and customers, successfully understanding their individual requirements, offering outstanding courses and unparalleled service.

•Offer innovative training products and solutions that will serve to benefit the clients and their staff.

•To develop internal business systems that will allow us to operate in an efficient, consistent and effective manner at all times.

•Market our courses successfully through different mediums and diversify our company.